Domain ID protection


How do I hide my whois details?

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Domain ID protection.

Domain ID protection, also known as whois privacy, conceals your personal or company details  from the publicly accessible Whois database. Can be accessed via, etc.

When registering for a domain, we ask you to provide us with accurate contact details as is required in domain registration. The details you provide are stored in the whois database which can be publicly accessed via the links shared above and other platforms.

Do I need to protect my whois details? Why?

Protecting your whois information is optional.  You should, however, note that hackers, fraudsters and spammers can use this information to target domain holders. For instance, receive a warning that your domain is almost due for renewal and a prompt to make payment.

NB: You will retain full ownership of the domain but your personal details such as name, phone number and the email address will not be publicly accessible.

There are some charges for domain ID protection. Contact our support team to make an order for you.

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