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Imunify360 provides the next-generation, automated security solution developed specifically for Linux shared, VPS and Dedicated servers. It uses herd immunity and the unique, proactive approach to provide total protection against known and unknown attacks for CentOS, RHEL, and CloudLinux OS servers. Imunify360 is already included in the following Hosting Plans at no extra charge: Basic/Personal Web HostingEnterprise/Corporate HostingManaged cPanel VPS Hosting and Managed cPanel Dedicated Hosting.


Centralized Incident Management

A central dashboard is available directly within your control panel*, allowing you to quickly check in on the overall state of your server and manage all aspects of its security. The central dashboard displays all security events and the latest incidents updated every 60 seconds. It allows you to filter and select events based on various parameters, review the details of those incidents, access white list and black list management features, view settings and reports, and much more.

*Currently supports cPanel, Plesk & DirectAdmin; ISPmanager, and servers without a control panel are coming soon.

Rebootless Secure Kernel

Rebootless Secure Kernel powered by KernelCare is a component that keeps your server secure by automatically patching kernels without having to reboot the server. Its agent checks for new patches every four hours and automatically applies them to the running server without any performance impact. KernelCare keeps your kernel updated to help you avoid disastrous incidents.

Advanced Firewall

Imunify360 offers advanced firewall protection that uses herd immunity and artificial intelligence to detect new threats and protect all servers that run the software. The firewall is capable of defending against brute force attacks, DoS attacks, and port scans.

The firewall tightly integrates with mod_security web application firewalls to dramatically enhance its usefulness. In combination with WAF, we can stop the majority of web application attacks even before they start. An advanced Captcha system is employed to reduce false positives and make sure that valid customers can reach your website.

Intrusion Detection and Protection System

Imunify360 features an excellent Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) with a comprehensive collection of “deny” policy rules to quickly block all known attacks, especially those using a common or well-known exploit tool.

The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) provides excellent visibility of server security by monitoring server logs. It scans log files from all different angles and bans IPs that show malicious signs, such as password failures, potential exploits, etc. It helps protect your server from attacks and reports to the Imunify360 dashboard.

Malware Detection

Imunify360 automatically scans file systems for malware injection and quarantines infected files.

Website Reputation Monitoring

Imunify360 analyzes if your site or IPs are blocked by any blacklists and notify you if they are. Your site reputation is very important. For example, if you are added to the Google blacklist as a site that distributes malware, you will be excluded from Google search results, which can be devastating for business. If you get on an RBL list as a spammer, your emails to customers might not be delivered. If you don’t proactively monitor your website’s reputation, you might not find out about blacklisting for weeks or even months, at which point the problem could become ruinous.

Currently works for domains only, full feature coming soon.

Proactive Defense

Imunify360’s Proactive Defense (previously known as Sandboxing) protects websites against zero-day attacks – it stops even the malware that no scanner is able to detect. It identifies attacks on your Linux web servers in real time, then blocks potentially malicious executions automatically and with zero latency. 

Proactive Defense uses a unique method of identifying security risks – it analyzes what scripts do rather than what is actually in the code.

Hardened PHP

Hardened PHP is a component that ensures your web server security by patching all PHP versions against known vulnerabilities, allowing you to run any version of PHP without having to update programs to accommodate newer versions.


USh 94,500 Monthly Excl. VAT

USh 132,300 Monthly Excl. VAT

USh 170,100 Monthly Excl. VAT

Up to 30 Users (Domains) Per Server.

Up to 250 Users (Domains) Per Server.

Unlimited Users (Domains) Per Server.

Preempt Attacks with Proactive Defense in Imunify360

By Inna Gordin


Sophisticated malware needs sophisticated solutions to combat it. With web security, prevention is always the best defence. Imunify360 detects known attacks with its built-in Malware Scanner. Now, a new feature, Proactive Defense, takes protection to a whole new level.

Imunify360 blocks attacks with a combination of technologies: signature matching, real-time behaviour analysis, and herd immunity, informed by insights collected from servers around the globe. It is invaluable to web server owners, helping them adapt their security efforts to changing malware threats without the need to swap one antivirus solution for another.
Imunify360 is an all-inclusive and comprehensive security solution. It helps protect Linux-based web servers from many forms of attack or exploit. Its new Proactive Defense feature adds another formidable fortification layer to your systems and services.

Imunify360 uses a variety of techniques to protect against attacks:

And yet there is more. With CloudLinux Backup for Imunify360, you can restore your server to a previous clean state in the event of a ransomware or virus attack.

New breeds of compromise, for example, the installation of crypto-mining malware, can be harder to detect. These run quietly in the background with low resource usage and are extremely hard to detect unless you are proactively defending your servers.

Imunify360’s new Proactive Defense implements a pre-emptive and proactive approach to security, turning a multi-layer solution into a rock-solid one. You can install it in minutes and start defending your customers immediately.

Sasahost Limited is now Listed among the 3 providers offering Imunify360 in Africa. All our servers are using Imunify360.You can view our hosting plans here. You can also try Imunify360 free for 30 days here.

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